Paw Prints Keepsake Frame

One of our favorite places to find unique gifts for pet lovers is Uncommon Goods. One of our favorites? The Paw Prints Keepsake frame! This complete kit gives you everything you need to make a very special keepsake of your pet’s paw. The kit includes the frame, impression material, a wooden roller, ruler, and instructions.

The impression material is already mixed, which is great! All you have to do is knead it a bit and then roll it out. My only complaint is that it sticks to the little wooden roller that comes with it. My tip? Sandwich the impression material between tinfoil and then roll it out. I ended up pressing it out with my fingers because it was stuck to the roller and I couldn’t get it off. But don’t worry! Even though it did stick to the wood, it didn’t stick at all to Baby’s paw!

Simply wet the paw and then let your pup stand on the impression material and it makes a print. Then, using the ruler they provide, you can cut off the edges to create a nice square. It does take several days to dry completely, and it’s important to let it dry all the way before adding it to the frame. The frame has two openings, one for your favorite photo of your pet, and one to hold the paw print. I truly wish we had something like this for our first dog too, it would have been such a special keepsake to have now that he is gone.

Wouldn’t this make a great gift for a pet lover? With the holidays coming there are many fun options, but this is truly a great find for any dog owner (it would even work for cats)!

To see more fun gifts, be sure to visit the Uncommon Goods website.

A huge thanks to Uncommon Goods for providing the product for our review. As always, our opinions are our own regardless of compensation.