How to ‘treat’ your cat right

Looking after pets should be acknowledged as an important responsibility as well as a pleasure. Pets come to depend on their owners, trusting them to do what’s best for them, and every owner should make the effort to treat their pet right. This means looking after their health, monitoring and controlling their diet, making sure they get opportunities for exercise and play, and showing them affection and approval to encourage good behavior. Just like people, pets that are not treated right can suffer from stress and other health problems, and an inadequate diet, for example, will make cats more prone to infections and illnesses.

Options for treats

Everyone loves to pamper a pet from time to time, and there are delicious specially formulated treats available, which cats love to eat, that can serve as an occasional reward when appropriate. Take note of the word ‘occasional’ as many of these treats are high in carbohydrates, so that too many treats too frequently may lead to a cat developing weight problems or gastrointestinal disorders due to a poorly balanced diet

Then there are pet toys that can give so much pleasure – these can be bought or made at home and it’s useful to rotate them, so boredom doesn’t become a problem and to use them in a variety of cat games, to improve health and fitness. Homemade accessories can include mirrors, cardboard and plastic boxes and climbing poles or shelves. Bought toys usually include small stuffed animals and assorted plastic objects that it’s safe for cats to chew.

Genuine affection is perhaps the best treat of all for a cat – a little praise in an encouraging tone of voice and a gentle stroking action will elicit the soft purring of satisfaction, and can always be supplemented with an edible treat to signal pleasure at a cat’s good behavior.

Choosing cat treats

By and large, human food does not make good cat treats, although there are a few things that are suitable if prepared with care. Never give cats chocolate, for example, and always use only small portions of tuna, liver or chicken if concocting little cat crackers or other types of kitty treats. In recipes where food is to be baked, for example, make sure the food is thoroughly cooked and therefore safe to eat.

Manufactured treats are available in a wide range of brand names, and its important to scrutinize their contents in order to make sure the best quality, most natural ingredients have been used, rather than the cheapest fillers with an exceptionally high calorie count.

Temptations treats

Temptations treats include the All Naturals range; available in 4 all natural flavors – Wild Alaskan Salmon, Beef Tenderloin, Free Range Chicken and Yellow Fin Tuna, these natural cat treats have added vitamins and minerals. Made with chicken meal, ground corn, rice, animal fat and dried meat by-products, these are one hundred percent nutritionally complete and there are no artificial flavorings, fillers or preservatives. Including the nutritional value of Temptations treats in the overall dietary plan of a cat will ensure the balance is right and the treats are supplementing the rest of the diet at the right level.

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