HollyWoof Gift Bags Spoil Celebrity Dogs!

It sure would be nice to be a celebrity pet! Celebrity pooches recently received the HollyWOOF, Distinctive Assets’ annual gift bag of the newest innovative dog products. Our top pick from the gift bag? Tagg – The Pet Tracker! Although we haven’t seen it ourselves, it’s such a great idea we can’t help but share it. Tagg is an advanced pet tracking system equipped with GPS and wireless capabilities which enables owners to track where their pups are and be notified by text and email if they wander off beyond designated zones.

There were a lot of other great goodies in the gift bag! Products to help with dry skin, smells, training, and even fine art pieces were included. And of course, there were treats too! Check out the list of goodies the spoiled pooches are going to enjoy!

For those D-List smells, itches and skin issues comes Farm Dog Naturals’ new line of products, Pet Urine Eco Cleaner, Salvation Dry Skin & Crusty Nose Salve and Restore Itch Relief. Posh pups like Kat Graham’s terrier Izzy can be fed from a silver spoon with My Best Friends Fork, an innovative safety feeding utensil for dogs. For those Paris Hilton Pap Pup shots, Aluminyze offers a brilliant new way to see and display photographic results as photos come alive, with vibrant colors illuminating every detail adding depth and dimension to an otherwise flat surface with a presence that is durable and made of unbendable aluminum. Richell USA presents their award-winning Také Pet Serving Cabinet, an elevated feeder/waterer with a convenient bottom storage cabinet made from eco-friendly bamboo perfect for Rachael Ray’s Isaboo, and Paw Trax a pottie training kit for Jennifer Aniston’s new pit pup Sophie. The tray’s “snap-in” design holds their signature doggy pads securely in place. In case there are accidents, celebs can temporarily turn to Star Struck Pets and their Hollywood Pads PAW Shaped Training Pads for Dogs.

Cesar Milan’s pack will receive personalized, custom embroidered pet feeding mats from Dormtique MyCustomPetMat. Miley Cyrus can now display her boy Floyd’s twit pics painted by Loved Dogs Art who are gifting stunning custom pastel dog portraits. Bow-Wow Dog Exercise Toys’The Bow-Wow™ Flirt Pole from Squishy Face Studio is the ultimate dog exercise toy for busy hosts like Mario Lopez and his Frenchie Julio. Included is their durable Fleece Toss lure and Fleece Tug toy.

Hollywood Hounds haunted by storm, lightning and fireworks will be gifted a Storm Defender Cape, helping ease anxiety, producing a calming effect. For those long walks in Runyun Canyon, Justin and Jessica can wear Vogmask, the world’s first good looking filtering face mask made of microfiber and organic cotton, for travel, garden, home and even anonymity. Who knows what Brennan, Buckley and Tina’s paws may pick up in the Canyon so the couple can spray a shot of Dirty Dog Paw Spritz, an Anti-Bacterial Protection for Dog’s Paws before returning home. Adorning the A-Lister animals will be Fifi Runn’s dog collars, designed with pep and punch, durably made and boasting a blend of urban edge and humor, these collars look as good in the urban jungle as in the open countryside. For play, Fetch…for 4 Pets! introduces their new officially licensed Marvel Comics character toys and for red carpets, Marvel and DC Comics Halloween Costumes.

The Green Garmento has designed special HollyWOOF reusable Box Bag’s for those pet boutique trips and included their signature Garment Bag. If Fran Dresher’s Esther ever becomes finicky, Clear Conscience Pets SuperGravy is a holistic gravy food topper/enhancer that adds a boost of nutrition to the pup’s food. Charlize Theron’s active babysitters Blue and Berkeley can boost their energy with Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete supplement which supports and increases performance levels, while providing joint & muscle support and vibrant skin & coat. Front Porch Pets conclude this year’s gift bag with a perfect fit for Alicia Silverstone’s vegan lifestyle offering their 100% family farm grown sweet potato Veggie Rawhide Bichon Fries, Big Boys & Pumpkin Crunchers.

Thanks to Distinctive Assets for sharing this information with us and making us drool over the HollyWoof gift bag! Baby sure wishes she were a celebrity pet right now!

About Distinctive Assets: Established in 1999, Distinctive Assets not only produces the Gift Bags and Talent Lounges for many major award shows but also provides product placement, product introduction and branding opportunities within the entertainment industry and beyond. Other services include Corporate & Personal Gifting for every occasion.