Safe Glow LED Dog Collar

Baby recently got a very fun item to review, something super awesome for people who love to take their dogs out walking when it gets a bit darker! Yes, a glowing collar! The Safe Glow dog collar, which is well made from wear-resistant nylon and houses a flexible, light-transmitting polymer core that illuminates when the collar is turned on.

Not only does it light up with a press of the button, but there are three different settings to choose from; steady glow, slow flash, and fast flash. Perfect for walking outside at night, or early morning, or any time that the light is lower than usual. We humans loved playing with it, changing the flashing from steady to fast, and back again.

A reflective stripe adds additional safety by providing passive reflectivity for wear during day time hours. The collar is powered by a super-efficient (100,000 hour) LED bulb, has a durable clasp, a ring for attaching a leash, and it is light weight. You can also adjust it a little bit if needed. It also looks really cool, and all the other dogs will take notice! The people sure did, and that is one of the most important parts, especially if you have a darker colored dog. There is no doubt that your pup will be seen while wearing this collar!

Baby thought it was a lot of fun to be able to go out walking after the sun started setting, something she doesn’t normally get to do! She was pretty interested in the color before it was put on her too, did she know somehow that there was something very special about it? I think she did. Even with the battery for the light, it isn’t any heavier than her regular collar, and she seemed to find it comfortable to wear. And yes, we really did get some looks from the other humans that saw it!

The collar comes in small, medium, and large sizes that can fit necks up to 17″. The collar is weather resistant, but obviously it is not fully waterproof, so it’s not suitable for late night swims.

A huge thank you to dog training collars for providing us with the collar for our review. We sure loved it! Baby gives it 4 paws up! As always, our opinions are our own, regardless of compensation. For full product information, please visit the product website.


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