No More PU

Sometimes life just stinks, but Tidy Cats® is here to help. Today kicks off the Tidy Cats “No More PU” campaign. Tidy Cats brand cat litter Scoop formulas with new Odor Erasers™ technology helps with the PU in the litter box, and now Tidy Cats is on a mission to help with the PU in life. Tidy Cats is coming to the rescue in the Big Apple to assist with stinky situations in the lives of New Yorkers, including: cleaning up a long-abandoned Queens property; providing a free, “No PU View” from the top of the Empire State Building; and will personally sweeten up the lives of New Yorkers. Along with its PU Patrol –a two member PU-erasing team – Tidy Cats is embarking on a multiple city tour aimed at surprising people with creative solutions to life’s PU, big and small.

“Tidy Cats is excited to come to the rescue and solve some of life’s stinkiest situations,” said Rebecca Schulz, Tidy Cats Senior Brand Manager. “Tidy Cats Odor Erasers helps with the PU in your litter box and home, and we’re excited for the PU Patrol to travel across America and help with the PU in people’s lives.”

We love that they are traveling to help take the PU out of some places that really need it! Here are just a few of the great things they have done so far:

Clean-up a vacant property in Springfield Gardens, Queens. The house has been abandoned for several years, and the property became a dumping ground for trash. Not only is the yard an eyesore, but the rodents inhabiting the yard are a threat to the neighborhood. The Tidy Cat PU Patrol will help the PU in this situation by cleaning up the yard and helping to improve an already vibrant neighborhood.

No PU from this View: Life stinks when you can’t explore every facet of New York City. On behalf of Tidy Cats, 1,000 New Yorkers and tourists were able to visit the Empire State Building for free on April 18 and see the city from a bird’s eye view.

Sweeten up the PU in Life: New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world and Tidy Cats and the PU Patrol will delived iconic Magnolia cupcakes throughout the city to celebrate New Yorkers and help sweeten up the everyday PU in life.

“The Springfield Gardens community has lived with the indignity of this home for years,” said New York City Councilman James Sanders, Jr. “It had become a blight on our landscape and a threat to the health and wellbeing of our neighbors. Situations like this can easily spiral out of control, with old pollution giving way to new pollution until a once beautiful area is beautiful no longer. I thank our friends at Tidy Cats and the PU Patrol for deciding to step up and step in, working with and through our community to help us revitalize this beautiful block, and maintain the integrity of our environment.”

Taking the PU Out of YOUR Life
Supporting the stink-busting mission are PU Patrol members Meg and Sam. Just like Tidy Cats Scoop formulas with new Odor Erasers, the PU Patrol has a deep passion for helping with the PU in life and is setting out on a multi-city journey in their big, yellow garbage truck coined the “No More PU Mobile.” You can go along for the ride in real time by following Meg and Sam’s adventures on-the-road via Twitter @PUpatrolSam, @PUpatrolMeg and @TidyCats, and join in on the conversation with #lifestinks.

You can also go to to find out more about the tour, receive updates and photos showcasing where the PU Patrol has been, and where they are headed next.

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