PetArmor Protection Promise.

Actress and rescue advocate Amy Smart is teaming up with the ASPCA for the PetArmor Protection Promise, a national campaign that will provide more than 20,000 flea and tick treatments to shelter pets from coast to coast. Pet owners can “Like” and choose to donate three ways: by supporting the ASPCA’s national disaster relief efforts; selecting a shelter that faces a high incidence of fleas and ticks; or choosing a local shelter in their state.

In light of the early warming pattern, experts are predicting a surge in cases of Lyme disease this year. PetArmor is the fipronil-based generic flea and tick treatment that offers the same protection as Frontline at about half the cost.

“As an animal rescue advocate and proud dog mom, I am so excited to be working with the ASPCA and PetArmor® on this wonderful campaign that supports a cause I care so deeply about,” said Smart. “I encourage pet owners everywhere to participate in the Promise and help ensure all pets receive the protection they need.”