Fine Featherhead’s Pet Plumes

You’ve seen the trend on people, but now your pet can join the fun! Fine Featherhead’s Pet Plumes are feather extensions for your pet. They come in a variety of colors to fit your pet’s unique personality, with lengths that range from 2-5 inches.

Our Maltese Baby looked adorable wearing her Pet Plume, but she wouldn’t hold still long enough for us to capture a good photo. They are easy to put in, especially with the Pet Plume hook. We removed it from her before bedtime, but it stayed in place all day, even through her playing and napping. As you can see in these photos, they can look quiet striking.

So if you want your dog to really stand out at the dog park, or out on your walk, be sure to visit Fine Featherheads and get some Pet Plumes! They were so fun I wanted to get some for myself!


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