The Great Animal Orchestra

Have you ever wondered about the origins of music? If you love nature, maybe you have noticed that a lot of animals, and other parts of nature like rivers, make sounds that seem musical.

In his recently released book, The Great Animal Orchestra: Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places, Bernie Krause explores the sounds of the natural world all over the globe. Bernie is one of the world’s experts in natural sound, and the book is a truly wonderful read. We get to travel along with him as he discovers sounds in our world.

THE GREAT ANIMAL ORCHESTRA also explains Krause’s discoveries in the world of “biophony”. We learn why animals sound as they do, how they have influenced our own music and health, and what is happening to their species as we introduce other noises into their ecosystems. It’s a fascinating read that might just change the way you hear the world around you.

Would you like to take a listen? Click here to hear all kinds of wonderful “music” from the natural world.

About the Author:
During the 1950s and ‘60s, Bernie Krause devoted himself to music and replaced Pete Seeger as the guitarist in the Weavers. After moving to California to audit music courses in electronic music at Mills College in the mid-1960s, he met Paul Beaver and the two of them began performing as Beaver and Krause, putting out five albums of their own and performing sound effects for scores of feature films. After being commissioned to do a series of albums for Warner Brothers in 1968 (the first of which, In a Wild Sanctuary, would be the earliest musical piece to use a long section of wild sound as components of orchestration, and also the first to feature ecology as its theme), Krause made his first attempts at recording wild sound, and the experience changed him forever.

You can learn more about Bernie Krause and THE GREAT ANIMAL ORCHESTRA on or Twitter @BernieKrause.

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