Top 25 Pet Names of 2011

Banfield Pet Hospital has compiled the top 25 pet names of 2011! Banfield has quite the patient database with over 780 hospitals across the country, so they would certainly be able to figure out the most popular pet names! We wanted to share them with you!

There are some interesting similarities between popular human names and pet names this year! Bella/Isabella was on the top 10 list for both pets and babies (Twilight fans?). Interestingly, Babycenter saw a decrease in parents using the name Charlie (maybe thanks to Charlie Sheen?) however, people named their dog Charlie MORE this year than in the past, taking the number 9 spot – is he really that big of a “dog?”

Did your pet’s name make the list?

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One Response to Top 25 Pet Names of 2011

  1. Peggy Frezon says:

    My dog isn’t on the list, which is good because I wouldn’t want her to have too common of a name. Although her name isn’t anything creative, LOL, it’s Kelly. I know a ton of dogs named Bailey which is #5, and a bunch named Casey. We usually go with people names, but I like non people names too. Whatever fits!

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