Angel Tree Campaign To Help Homeless Pets at 70 Shelters

I was really excited to hear about an Angel Tree program for pets. The program, which is run by Best Friends Pet Care, is now in it’s 11th year! You can help pets in need through the month of December by donating food, supplies or cash which will then benefit more than 70 community animal shelters across the U.S.

There are 42 Best Friends Pet Care centers, and all of them have an Angel Tree in the lobby. The tree is decorated with paper ornaments featuring photos and information about dogs and cats waiting for forever homes, along with a wish list of supplies, toys and treats needed to care for them. You can also support the Angel Tree online by visiting and you can also find the nearest Best Friends center on the site. Donations can be made either in person of by phone.

“The holiday season can be challenging for local shelters and rescues, says Renee Coughlin of Best Friends Pet Care.  “Donations of food and funds fall off and regular volunteers are preoccupied.  Many of our Angel Tree beneficiaries tell us they depend upon the Best Friends Angel Tree program to get through the holiday season.”

The program runs through January 2nd, with deliveries being made to the shelters throughout the holiday season. Best Friends supplements donations with food and other supplies.

Beneficiaries range from large animal shelters like the Central Florida SPCA and the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis to small rescue groups like Save a Dog in Texas and Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Massachusetts.

Since it began in December 2000, the Best Friends Pet Care Angel Tree campagin has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of food, toys and pet care products to more than 75 different shelters and rescues across the U.S. and dozens of pets have found new homes in time for the new year. Can you help make the holiday better for a homeless pet this year?

Visit Best Friends Pet Care to learn more and find an Angel Tree near you!

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