Diabetes in pets.

November was National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, were you aware that just like humans, dogs and cats can also get diabetes? In fact, one in 200 cats and one in 500 dogs has diabetes.

As with most medical conditions, early detection and treatment of diabetes is recommended and can help with treatment. The most common symptoms of canine and feline diabetes are:

· Increased Hunger or Appetite
· Excessive Thirst
· Increased Urination
· Weight Loss
· Weakness or Fatigue

To help pet parents better understand diabetes in pets, VCA Animal Hospitals have a great resource library of articles regarding pet diabetes and pet healthcare. Here are just a few, but you can see many more on their site.

· What is canine diabetes?
· Diabetes in Dogs – Testing and Monitoring

· What is feline diabetes?
· Diabetes in Cats – Testing and Monitoring

Additionally, now through December 31, 2011, VCA Animal Hospitals is offering a savings of $250 on Senior Best Care Comprehensive Checkups for pets seven years and older. For more details, click here. We think that this is a wonderful way to help pet parents take care of their senior pets. I hope that you find these links helpful!


  1. Gus Ray says:

    Obesity seems to be the biggest factor these days with canine and feline diabetes. About 5 years ago, I started working on developing an A1c test for cats and dogs. This is the gold standard test for humans and is now recommended by the ADA for diagnosing diabetes. Their is more information on it at Baycom Diagnostics.

  2. Anna@ make your own beer kit says:

    Wow, what a revelation for me this is. I was under the impression that pets like cats and dogs don’t get diabetes. I guest every you learn new things. Thanks for bringing awareness to this issue as it deserve much more awareness.

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