Penguin Palooza on Nat Geo WILD

Photo Credit: © Argus Collection

Penguin lovers rejoice! This weekend is Penguin Palooza on Nat Geo WILD! This weekend you will be able to enjoy shows about penguins almost all weekend long. Penguin Palooza starts at noon to 11pm ET/PT on Saturday November 12 and Sunday, November 13.

Highlights of Penguin Palooza include the broadcast premiere of Arctic Tale, Saturday, November 12, at 8 pm ET/PT. Narrated by Queen Latifah, Arctic Tale is the coming of age story of a walrus pup and polar bear cub as they fight for survival in the Arctic wilderness. Armed with only their natural instinct and mothers’ guidance, these animals face countless challenges in a rapidly melting icebound world.

The following night, Nat Geo WILD premieres the Academy Award-winning film March of the Penguins at 8pm ET/PT. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this National Geographic film tells the real-life story of the treacherous journey thousands of emperor penguins make each year as they march single-file to their breeding grounds in Antarctica.

Be sure to tune in! For more information visit National Geographic online.

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