What to do if you no longer can care for your bearded dragon.

Many pet owners are able to enjoy their pets for the entire duration of the animal’s life. This is great news for owners who have pets who have a long life span, such as dogs, cats and many other creatures. However, it becomes a problem for the animal when the owner decides that he can no longer keep the pet. This may happen because he may need to move and he can’t bring his pet with him, or he may have overestimated his abilities in caring for a high maintenance pet.

For people who own dogs and other creatures, their recourse is to leave the animals in a shelter, pound or simply let them loose. On the other hand, what happens to pets that aren’t as easy to dispose of? For example, what about bearded dragons?

Recently, it was in the news that a man left a bearded dragon in the mens toilet at a supermarket in Edinburgh. Shoppers discovered the abandoned animal, wrapped in a white plastic bag at Morrisons Supermarket located on Pilton Drive. The SPCA, Lothnianís Animal Rescue and Rehoming Center have taken custody of the animal and are providing it with care.

The authorities believed that its likely that the owner simply wanted to abandon the pet because he could no longer care for it. Since there are many laws and fines against animal cruelty or irresponsible pet ownership, its possible that the man felt this was his only recourse.

Before abandoning a pet, try to find another home for it. Many people are willing to care for bearded dragons since these make great domesticated animals. They are docile, interactive and are happy with enough food, water and a heat lamp. You can take an ad out online or put the world on various animal forums to find someone willing to adopt your pet.

Contact an animal organization in your community that may be able to provide you assistance in finding a new home for your bearded dragon. An animal shelter or animal rescue center are good options. These can provide you with resources to help you responsibly dispose of your pet when you are unable to care for it any longer. You may also talk to your vet or place an ad in his office.

Don’t just let your bearded dragon out in the wild. Australia is its natural habitat so letting it roam free in your neighborhood can be deadly to the animal and scary to other residents. Also, don’t just withhold its food and water so that it will die. That would be cruel.

If you can no longer care for your bearded dragon, there are things you can do to help it find a new home. Take the time to ensure that proper care is given to it when you can no longer do it yourself.

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