Greenleaf Gifts

People with pets know all to well that at times things get smelly. Our home is not immune to this, so I was really excited when I got to try out an awesome product from Greenleaf. The aroma diffuser is a unique and effective way to fill your house with fragrance, or in the case of pets, remove smells with their purifying option.

Not only is the diffuser great to look at (and they have tons of fun options to fit any decor), but it really does work to remove odors from the air! I gave it the ultimate test and tried it after we had cooked curry. If it could get rid of the over powering smell of curry I knew it would work wonders on the pet smells we sometimes have in the home!

I also really love the design, because unlike candles the diffuser works without an open flame (there is a flame when you first light it, but then you blow it out and replace the lid). I felt safe using it around our bird, who sometimes gets spooked and flies about. I never keep lit candles in the house for her safety, but I felt like I could use this even when she was out of her cage.

In addition to diffusers, they offer some wonderful smelling candles and scented satchels. I love the satchels and how great they smelled in our bathroom! If you are looking for great gifts for those you love, or for yourself, be sure to check out everything that Greenleaf has to offer.

*Greenleaf provided us with samples for our review. Our opinions are our own.*

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