Books for Animal Lovers; May Edition

We always love reading books about animals, and from time to time we get to review new books to share with our readers! Here are the latest:

The Dog Who Couldn’t Stop Loving: How Dogs Have Captured Our Hearts for Thousands of Years. This book explores the special connection and bond between humans and dogs.

It’s a very interesting read, and anyone who has had a love of dogs, or any other animal for that matter, will enjoy this book. The author, Jeffery Masson, draws on recent scientific research, and of course his own personal experiences through his bond with his beloved dog Benjy to find out why, we have such close bonds with dogs. Turns out there are very good reasons for it, and those reasons span the decades!

Pukka: The Pup After Merle This story is told in the charming voice of Ted’s new pup and is illustrated with more than two hundred photos!

Pukka tells the story of how Ted met the young yellow lab, recounting the early days of their bonding as they explore Kelly, Wyoming, and the wider world. Filled with stunning images of the West, Pukka is a love story as well as Ted’s take on raising a puppy. An adorable book, full of adorable photos and a great message of how love.

Say Hello to Zorro!! Do you have a dog that likes things on his own schedule?

This illustrated book is a real gem! Not only is it sweet and funny, but if you have ever lived with a dog that likes things “just so” then you will especially enjoy it. A great read for all ages.

The Ralph Steadman Book of Dogs! Another illustrated book, this time featuring the work of Ralph Steadman.

In this off-the-wall book illustrating canines of every stripe from the imagination of legendary gonzo artist Ralph Steadman. Inside you will find rude habits, saloon mongrels, mad owners, dog shows and devilish fleas. THE RALPH STEADMAN BOOK OF DOGS is a unique must-have for Steadman fans and dog lovers.

Good Old Dog: Expert Advice for Keeping Your Aging Dog Happy, Healthy, and Comfortable. An important read for anyone with an older dog, and a great book to keep in your bookshelf for reference. Full of advice on how to help your pet live a healthier life well into his senior years. It’s written in a very approachable way, and is one that we consider a must read for all dog owners.

Not only does it cover the different needs that older dogs have, but it also give great advice on procedures that some older dogs face, and even determining when “it’s time” to say good bye. Written by the Cummings Veterinary School at Tufts, who treat more than 8,000 older dogs annually, the book highlights their philosophy of caring for aging dogs. They know first hand what it takes to care for our beloved dogs in their golden years, and all the experience and expert advice is in the book.