Pancreatitis in Dogs

Can I play yet?

Just as our dog Baby was fully recovered from her patella surgery, she got very sick this week. She was lethargic, wouldn’t eat, and had thrown up several times. The veterinarian diagnosed her with Pancreatitis. The first day at the vet she was given an injection of fluids, and several medications for her to take. Sadly she has even had small seizures due to the pain of the illness and we had her back at the vet’s office again today. The vet gave her a VOM treatment, which seemed to help her for awhile. She is finally eating again, and while she is certainly not all better yet, she is better.

Here is a good overview of Pancreatitis in dogs, with causes and how it’s treated as well. Things on the blog may continue to be a bit quiet while we are taking care of our girl, but we hope to have our little mascot all better very soon!

How do you get your dog’s to take their medications?

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  1. Anthony says:

    I’m sorry for your dog, although I am glad to hear that she is doing better!

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