Teach Your Dog To Go Potty On Command!

Today we welcome top Celebrity dog trainer and behavioral expert Inger Martens as a guest blogger. Her B.A. in Mass Communications and Human Psychology helped create her unique training tips for dog owners. She is an author, television and radio personality and dubbed “Best Dog Trainer in LA” by Los Angeles Magazine. Inger has twenty-plus years of training Hollywood’s A list and their pups. She is currently excited to announce her multimedia online resource for dog owners: www.pawsforaminute.com.

Teach Your Dog To Go Potty On Command!

A perfect way to incorporate my method, Feng Shui with Fido™ into your lifestyle is to create a potty area in your yard and teach your dog to go to the bathroom on command! Yup, on command! Many of my celebrity clients such as Will Ferrell and Mandy Moore have all used this technique to save their lawns and make potty pickups easier.

1. Pea gravel, synthetic grass or wood chips
2. Material to border the area off with (lumber, logs, etc)

*Note: Young puppies may go through a phase of trying to eat the pea gravel, however, this does not mean that the gravel will not work for you in the long run. Synthetic grass may be the best choice for puppies 8 to 18 weeks old.

Where: Pick a spot in your yard that’s not too remote and large enough that you can walk 3 or 4 steps back and forth. Be aware of where sprinklers are located on your lawn and don’t build the area too close.

How: Border the area off and fill it with the material of your choice. Spruce it up by planting flowers or shrubbery around the edges.

Teach your dog to potty on command: Instead of just letting your puppy outdoors to go potty, guide him on a leash to the area saying the word “Outside”. Keep repeating the word “Outside” until he goes. Initiate this process every time you take him outdoors and in no time he will be going to the bathroom on the gravel by himself and you will have a beautiful lawn.

For you city dwellers, this is also a great on those cold winter nights. Instead of walking for blocks in the freezing cold, you can just go to your favorite spot, do the dirty work and get back inside where it’s warm!

Celebrity Dog Trainer Inger Martens ©2011
For more info check out: www.pawsforaminute.com

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