The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project

“The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project”  is a global artistic effort to raise funds and awareness to the needless suffering of animals.

They gather donated art/photography from artists all over the planet and use them to create greeting cards, magnets and pocket mirrors. If you are an artist, you might want to consider donating an image to the project. If you are looking for a unique gift for an animal lover in your life, or for yourself, be sure to take a look that their shop too!

80% of the proceeds is donated to the animal rescue groups.  The other 20% is kept to pay for the shop fees.  We think it’s great that the founder, Stacey, is bringing together artists to help animal rescue. We look forward to seeing how the project grows. If you are an artist and decide to contribute, we would love to hear about it and see what you donated!
To learn more about the project and how to take part, visit The Fabulous Animal Rescue Project blog. To see the pieces for sale visit the Etsy shop here:


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