Hill’s PetFit Challenge

Is your dog overweight? You can join Alison Sweeney, host of The Biggest Loser, in making a New Year’s resolution to help your dog(s) lose weight by taking the Hill’s PetFit Challenge. Not only is it good for your pet to be at a healthy weight, but you can even enter for a chance to win $1,000,000!! To enter, visit  www.petfit.com from January 1 through March 31 to submit a simple essay about your pet’s weight loss.

In an industry first, Hill’s Science Diet Weight Loss System offers pre-packaged meals for your dog! Pre-packaged meal plans have been helping people lose weight for years and for the first time, owners and their dogs can reap the same benefits. Some quick info:

o 94% success rate, with measurable weight loss results in 30 days
o Each box contains food and treats for 4-5 weeks (depending on breed and target weight) including:
o Daily pre-portioned dry food packets that take out the guess work
o Biscuit treat packets to keep your dog satisfied
o Success guide to track measurable results

The meals are available in two sizes: Small Breed and Medium to Large Breed. Meal and biscuit refill cartons available for easy restocking. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $44.99 for Small Breed sizes and $59.99 for Medium to Large Breed size. Available nationwide at PetSmart, PETCO, finer pet specialty food stores and veterinary clinics.

We think this is a great idea from a company that we have had great experiences with. Our sweet Maltese, Baby, is on the heavy side, and if she didn’t have to have a special diet for her liver problems, you can bet we would be trying this for her! And just for fun, here are some interesting facts:

o In the United States there are a total of 77.5 million dogs and 93.6 million cats[1]
o An Estimated 51.5% of Dogs and Cats in the United States are either overweight or obese[2]
o An Estimated 45% of US dogs are overweight or obese = 35 million dogs
o An Estimated 58% of US cats are overweight or obese = 54 million cats
o If you feed a 20lb dog one ounce of cheddar cheese it’s the equivalent of a 5’4” woman eating one and a half hamburgers or one chocolate bar.
o If you feed a 10lb cat 1 cup of milk it’s the equivalent of a 5’4” woman eating four and a half hamburgers or five chocolate bars.

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Don’t forget to visit www.petfit.com from January 1 through March 31 for your chance to win $1,000,000. Good luck and good health to you, and your pets!

[1] American Pet Products Manufacturers Association – 2009 US Pet Population
[2] 2009 Association for Pet Obesity Prevention – Pet Obesity Study.

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  1. Helen says:

    Right now Spike and Dru are barely over a year so they are still so active we don’t have to worry about weight issues. However, I know my parents dogs struggle with it so I will recommend to them. Thanks for the nice email about George, he is doing much better. I hope Baby’s recovery is still going well.

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