Unlikely Animal Friends 2

Set your DVRs for this fun and fascinating show from the National Geographic Chanel! Unlikely Animal Friends 2 premieres Friday, January 7, 2010, at 9:00 PM ET/PT. You will be introduced to several unlikely friendships, from a leopard and golden retriever, to polar bears and Canadian Eskimo dogs (and more)! It’s truly amazing to see the bonds that developed in otherwise unlikely friends. By far the cutest friendship is the one you get to see a sneak peek of in the video below!

Who ever would have thought that polar bears and dogs would play, and even sleep, together in harmony?

Polar bear and Huskie play – from National Geographic Channel’s Unlikely Animal Friends 2. (photo credit © courtesy of National Geographic Channel

The show tells many other amazing stories too, and is totally worth watching! You will be scratching your head in wonder at some of the pairings, but ultimately smiling for the friendships formed among different species. For more information about the show, and other great animal shows, be sure to visit www.natgeotv.com!

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