Taste of the Wild Pet Food Giveaway!

Taste of the Wild has recently launched new dog and cat food formulas!

Taste of the Wild is an all-life stages food that is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pets throughout all stages of life, from puppy and kitten to senior years. It provides a superior taste sensation, highly digestible energy and natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and overall health.

We have a fun giveaway from Taste of the Wild! The dog give-away includes three sample bags of the new dry formula; Sierra Mountain Canine with roasted lamb and sweet potatoes is a limited ingredient diet with lamb as the only protein source.

It contains taurine to protect heart health and has lower protein and fat than the Taste of the Wild High Prairie and Wetlands formula, which may be a better option if dog owners are looking for a diet in lower fat or calories.

Also included; six samples of Bright Bites Daily Dental Treats (need to know the size of the dog); $30 gift card to DoggyFood.com and a set of Outward Hound Fold-N-Go Port-A-Bowls.

Cat owners can choose three sample bags of the new dry formula; Canyon River Feline contains only fish protein with trout, salmon and sweet potatoes for a more limited ingredient profile, which may be a better choice for sensitive cats.

Canyon River Feline is also a good choice for those cats who need a less-rich diet, as it has lower protein and fat than the Rocky Mountain Feline. Also included; a $30 gift card to HarlosHealthypets.com and a Bergan TurboScratcher Cat Toy.

Would you like a chance to win? Here are the rules!

  • Leave a comment on this post before midnight on December 5th. Tell us which prize pack you would pick if you were the winner.
  • You may enter daily.
  • This giveaway is open to those in the USA only.
  • The winner will be chosen at random and then contacted by email after the giveaway ends. They will then have 3 days to respond, otherwise a new winner will be chosen.
  • The winner will get their choice of a dog prize pack or a cat prize pack (one prize for one winner).

Thanks to Taste of the Wild for providing such great prizes for this giveaway!

*This giveaway is now closed, congrats to Jody and her kitty Chole.*


  1. Kristina G. says:

    Taste of the Wild has changed my dogs life! Her skin and coat were doing poorly and a friend recommended that I try this food. It has made a world of difference and I would not feed her anything else. I would love to try the new line of dog food flavors!!

  2. Tara Barrett says:

    Oliver, my English Bulldog, would love the dog prize pack. He tried your food for the first time today and loves it! We got the smoked salmon, but would love to sample others. He has allergies so it was suggested we try your food.

  3. Ann Yessman says:

    I have 3 Dashounds that I just started on TOTW and they LOVE it!!!!! They would love the Dog Prize. I am telling everyone I know about TOTW also 🙂

  4. cheryl says:

    We love Taste of the Wild foods at our house….2 dogs and a cat. Think we’d like the doggy prize pack.

  5. Brooke says:

    I planned on getting a bag of TOTW for Christmas anyway, so this would make a nice gift basket for them!

  6. Linda Taft says:

    I’m constanly looking for better dry cat food, no grain, at a decent price, and the TOTW Canyon has piqued my interest. I have 12 indoor cats and feed 4 outside ferals. I am part of a non profit TNR and cat rescue group in Riverside, RI. We always try to feed better food.

  7. Denise Garman says:

    I take in many abandoned cats and they would love to have some TOTW. They need the quality food to help them get stronger after being dumped to fend for themselves. Some are feral and can’t (meaning won’t) come indoors. They need good food more than anyone, being out side in the cold all winter. Thanks!!!

  8. Jenny Thorp says:

    My dogs already enjoy Taste of the Wild in their treat dispensing toys ( toys keep their brains active and food keeps their bodies healthy ).
    So my rescue kitties ( Persian and Persian mixes ) are putting in a request for the feline prize pack. Who could deny the adorable fluffs their wishes ?
    Per their request we would like the cat prize pack please 🙂

  9. Suzanne Aaron says:

    I love the Taste of the Wilds products! I have 5 dogs of my own and am currently fostering 13 dogs. The Tatse of the Wild is perfect for my pooch with food sensitivities! They all love the flavor and I know it’s good for them!

  10. Tara Cotton says:

    My dogs love Taste of the Wild! I have two black german shepherds who have a ton of energy, plus a corgi and a pom! They all love the taste of the pacific stream flavor 🙂 And it’s so affordable!

  11. Suzanne Aaron says:

    I love Taste of the Wild for my pups! I currently have 1 5 of my own and 13 fosters! I think that Taste of the Wild is a wonderful solution for my special dietary needs dogs! Love it Love it Love it

  12. Tiffany says:

    My huskies love taste of the wild. they do so good on it, makes their coats nice and shiney and healty! this pack would be the perfect chirstmas gift!

  13. Sierra Soden says:

    The dog prize would be great! I know my Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix would love it! We just switched over to Taste of the Wild and he loves it!

  14. Julia Reckel says:

    TOTW is such a great dog food! We’ve 4 dogs and they all love it! I would like to win the dog package.

  15. diane yule says:

    I am new to taste of the wild. so far i see very good results. would love a gift bag to try the taste of the wild products, for my dogs.

  16. Shannan Thomas says:

    My cats already enjoy Taste of the Wild but they’ve never won anything before. They’d be so excited to be the winner of the kitty prize!

  17. Shayne G. says:

    I would love a dog prize pack! My Shelties and I compete in agility, rally, obedience and conformation and a quality diet including TASTE OF THE WILD helps them thrive and be their best!

  18. Kristen says:

    The dog prize pack sounds great! I must say, I absolutely love TOTW food. My boy, Max, has severe skin allergies. Since we switched him to your food, we have had a healthy coat and no itching. I also love the fact that your fishmeal is ethoxyquin free. Thank you for making a great quality, high protein dog food for a great price.

  19. Brooke Hicks says:

    Our 5 Australian Cattle Dogs are WILD about Taste of the Wild! The doggie bag would be a perfect Christmas gift for other friends that needs to try this great product 😉

  20. Amanda R says:

    I have 2 Great Danes and they LOVE Taste of the Wild, and we LOVE it too, no corn or fillers to keep them strong and healthy!

  21. Ryan Bretz says:

    Havoc & Abby would love the K9 option. They have been eating Taste of the Wild for many years, and they love it. Their coat has been great since we made the switch!

  22. NANCY MILLER says:


  23. Felisa M says:

    I’d love to try and win the Canyon River Feline pack. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Happy Holidays!

  24. Joan J. says:

    I’d love to win the dog pack. My red heer was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago and a low fat option would be wonderful. Thanks for the chance.

  25. Ruth Taylor says:

    I would pick the dog pack as my 3 Shiba Inus love this food! My rescue boy has done awesome since changing to TOTW!

  26. Kendra Blessie says:

    My Rott mix, Shep mix, and GSP mix would LOVE you forever if they could win the Dog Prize Pack, THEY LOVE TASTE OF THE WILD WETLANDS DOG FOOD!!! I tried many sample bags and when I got to the taste of the wild sample from Long Dog Fat Cat in Omaha, they went CRAZY for it and ATE all of it, ever since, its the only food I will feed any of my dogs and I reccommend it daily at my job at Camp Bow Wow Omaha to all of our clients. LOVE YOUR FOOD AND MY BOYS WOULD LOVE TO WIN THE DOG PRIZE!

  27. Megan Rusnak says:

    We would love the dog prize pack. My lab has only ever tried the Pacific Stream… I am sure he would love to sample the others!

  28. Corinne says:

    I love Taste of the Wild and will never feed my dogs anything different. Their coats have never be so shiny or soft. I would love to win the dog prize pack.

  29. Lisa Weber says:

    Either pack would be AWESOME! I have 6 rescues in my humble home…3 puppy mill dog rescues and 3 cat rescues. They all love their TOTW food.

  30. Amy Helms says:

    My two rescued dogs just recently switched to Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain Canine Formula and we have seen such wonderful improvements in their overall health and personalities since making the switch to TOTW! They would love to win the dog prize pack!

  31. Marie Dalzell says:

    My dogs would love the dog prize pack, we have a new puppy coming in the next two weeks, alot of this stuff would be great!

  32. Michelle McCarthy says:

    I would love the dog pack prize for my dogs Leo and Faye. Leo is fighting cancer and Taste of The Wild Pacific Salmon is the only food he can eat without getting sick. I love your product!!

  33. Ann Marie Weber says:

    Our three dogs, one young Golden Retriever, and two senior Bichon Frises, love TOTW food.:) Murphy, our golden, drops food into the water dish, and Sammy, our oldest bichon, goes “diving for kibble” into the water dish. They would all LOVE the dog food pack! Thank you!!

  34. Ashley Mauldin says:

    we love TOTW!! We started our Boxer duke on pacific stream four years ago because of his severe allergies. Now all of my dogs eat totw. I was so impressed that I have told all of my family and friends about totw and they all use it too!!!

  35. Maria Mammoliti says:

    My kitty Faraday would LOVE the Canyon River food – he’s broken into the cupboard three times to get at the container!

  36. Darryl Minguito says:

    I would pick the dog prize pack because my american eskimo Roderick would be really upset if I picked the cat prize pack!

  37. Sandy Adams says:

    Oh our dogs would LOVE this! They ADORE the TOTW food! Our adopted Collies and Corgi…. one one food they will all eat.

  38. Anna Gardner says:

    My foster boy, Brustis, a 9 year old English Bulldog would love to have the dog pack prize and he is willing to tell you so. He is very vocal and wants that dog pack prize. Please give it to him so he will stop barking at the computer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Amber says:

    we’ve got a house full of kitties who already love Rocky Mountain Feline and would looooove to try out the new Canyon River Feline formula…only 1 pet store in our area carries Taste of the Wild. they’re pretty limited on space and haven’t gotten the new formula.

  40. cyndi leich says:

    I would take the dog pack. My son and I just adopted the bulldog we are fostering. The bullie was just diagnosed with spinabifida so we are looking for healthy food and treats.

  41. Lora Mason says:

    My 7 kitties would love the cat pack prize!!! They love Taste of the Wild!!!!! The pack would make a great Christmas present. All of my kitties are rescues. This will be their first Christmas with my family. I love them so much. <3 This is one reason I want them to have the best quality food out there!

  42. ellen says:

    I just adopted two black sister kittens from a locale shelter 3 weeks ago…I know they would be so excited if we won the cat pack! Especially since eating is their favorite thing!

  43. Terica says:

    I would love the dog prize pack. My dogs already enjoy the High Prairie formula and were eating a lamb formula prior to moving to the Taste of the Wild line of foods.

  44. Pamela Stickney says:

    My 1yr old GSD was having digestive issues so we tried your Pacific Stream. He cleared up immediately. The store was out one day so we tried the Wetlands formula. Not as good results on that one. I’d love to have a chance to try the new formulas to see how he does on them. Thanks for making such a great product. I have to drive greater than 10 miles to purchase it instead of dropping by the nearby pet stores, but it is worth it.

  45. Vicki Penney says:

    My two retrievers would love the doggy pack…..but then my 4 kitties would be somewhat upset if they didn’t win the kitty pack….oooooh the decisions!!!

  46. Beth Stone says:

    Would love to win a pack…we have 3 rescue cats…all different ages and a 4 yr old dachshund..they are all spoiled..we love our furry children….

  47. Bryn says:

    I’d love the dog pack. Well, I’d love the cat pack too, but we go through a lot more dog food so the dog pack makes more sense! Plus, a visiting lab ate one of our collapsible bowls so we could use a new one!

  48. Amber Janey says:

    My Siberian Husky would LOVE the dog prize pack. TOTW the only dog food that hasn’t given him problems and he loves it!!

  49. Leslie Crews says:

    My Olde English Bulldogge will eat nothing but TOTW…she would soo love to win the doggie prize pack. We would donate the $30 gift card to one of our local English Bulldog Rescues in need.

  50. Chrissy Valigore says:

    I have 3 Saint Bernard Rescues. They eat a LOT of TOTW. Just LOVE it. Never seen them look so forward to breakfast and dinner.

  51. Victoria says:

    While I dont feed totw to my dog, I always keep samples in my car in case I come across a stray or lost dog (the tastier the food, the most likely they’ll come to me), one time I was driving home from work, I and saw something on the side of the road, I thought it was a deer at first, but when I got closer, I realized it was a dog, he was completely emaciated and dragging a cable tied around his neck. I’m glad that I had some samples with me, a porta-bowl and some water, because the pup was seriously starving. I took him to a vet asap and ended up fostering him until he was adopted out to a loving home.

  52. Tina Tenbus says:

    I’d love to win the cat pack. I have a 11 year old Maine Coon cat with a sensitive digestive system. The Rocky Mountain feline variety didn’t work out so well for us. He just lost a leg to chondrosarcoma in March, so it is really important to me that he get a high quality diet. Thanks!

  53. Janet Day says:

    Taste of the Wild is the only food my rescue lab can eat. When I got him he suffered from severe malnutrition, food allergies and untreated thyroid disease. He had no hair at all. He was the ugliest dog in North America so of course I had to adopt him.

  54. deb brandenburg says:

    We would love to try the dog prize pack..as we can’t seem to find a distributer close to us.
    I have hear great things about this food..:)

  55. Kelly Wright says:

    Well… I better pick the dog prize pack seeing I have 5 dogs & they all eat & LOVE HIGH PRAIRIE CANINE FORMULA!!!!!! Best food EVER!!!!!!

  56. Dawn Smith says:

    I would love to win this contest! My boxers love TOTW and so do my cats! Although both my cats and dogs love TOTW I would choose the TOTW dog give-away pack because the dogs sure do eat a lot more!

  57. Susan king says:

    As a dog trainer I would love the dog basket. I am owned by 9 Golden Retrievers that have been enjoying TOTW for 2 years now. I recommend this food to all my clients, so much so that our local dealer has a hard time keeping it in stock. I would love the small bags to give as samples !!

  58. Sal Zingalli says:

    I have 4 high energy Brittanys that I just started on TOTW. They range from 6 months to 7 1/2 years. They are are doing great and would love to win the sample pack as I am looking for a food lower in protein and fat for our older Britts.

  59. Debbie Henry says:

    I have a 4 year old black lab and he has been eating Taste of the Wild since he was a puppy. We realized he had allergies to corn and the grain free kibble is makes him a healthy and happy boy! I’d love to for the Taste of the Wild dog-pack samples! Thank you!

  60. Jamie Dulnik says:

    I want!!! I need!!! 5 dogs of my own and fosters in and out all the time we would love the dog pack. The cats would also apprciate goodies too, but they are fewer in number =)

  61. Michelle Roth says:

    My 2 dogs LOVE your food and I thank you for making a healthy food for my babies. I would choose the dog prize pack

  62. Carole Heden says:

    Carole H
    I have three Godlen Retrievers and am in the process of finding a dog food they like and would do well on. This would give me a chance to try “Taste of the Wild”.

  63. Bonnie N. says:

    I am in the process of finding the most appropriate food for my 5 y.o. adopted cat. She is my only family now and I would like to feed her the best that would also appeal to her tastes. So I would like to win the samples for her to see if we can get her into a diet that she likes and is good for her at the same time. Thanks for this opportunity.

  64. Helen says:

    Since I am overun by both canines and felines I would take either package. However, today I am leaning towards the dog package. Thanks for the fun give away.

  65. Arlene D says:

    My dogs would love to have this early Christmas present. They deserve the best because they take such good care of our family with their unwavering love.

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