Rescue Spotlight: Animal Lifeline UK

We have a wonderful post from Jenny, who works with Animal Lifeline UK. I was excited to learn about the work that they are doing to help our animal friends. Here is a bit more about what they do, and how you can help.

We at Animal Lifeline UK help animal rescues in the UK find volunteers and homes for their animals.

We help recruit:

Fosterers who look after the animals till they get their forever home. Vet bills are covered by the rescue.
Homecheckers who, as the title suggests, go and check the home out and make sure it’s safe and; appropriate for the animal. The decision will always ultimately lie with the rescue though.
Transporters, again as it says on the tin! Move animals from pound to rescue/rescue to foster home/vets etc.

We also help find forever homes for these animals.
I myself have 2 cats (from cats protection) and a dog (from RACR – small rescue based in Nottingamshire) The dog was the easier adoption as I got her through the site so therefore my homecheck was already valid and I was able to keep her for 3 weeks before making a final decision to make sure she got along with the cats and children.

Rescues are flooded with animals as can be seen on our site and the pounds are full to bursting. Everyday we get notice that another poor soul had to be destroyed as there was no space so please do think of adopting
especially before you breed. There are enough animals as it is.

If you have time to help out join the site on and if you have items you no longer need that would help the animals in rescue please donate to our Christmas appeal – more details can be found on the site.