Sweet Potato Fries

Baby the Maltese recently got a chance to try out some sweet potato fries from Doctors Foster and Smith. She was pretty excited to try them out, and got so happy about them that each time she gets one, she runs and plays with it before finally settling in to eat it. We captured one such event on video (you can watch if you like).

The treats are all natural, made of only sweet potatoes. They are dehydrated, and very chewy, and from what we can tell, very tasty too. Baby sure seems to love them, and we love that they are natural and good for her. It’s always a worry to try a new treat because Baby is actually a very picky eater. She devoured the sweet potato fries, and often sniffs around looking for more when she finishes.

The treats come in a variety of sizes, making them a great choice for all kinds of dogs. You can even break them easily into smaller pieces if you need to, but we found that the fries were a perfect fit for our dog’s mouth. We also liked that they were chewy and that it takes her some time to eat them. It seems to give her a good chew, making the fries a nice alternative to giving her rawhide.

To see the full selection of sweet potato treats, click here. Thanks to Doctors Foster and Smith, who provided the sample for this review. Baby loves her new treats!

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  1. Ellen B. says:

    Baby is so cute! Looks like the sweet potato fries are a treat/toy 🙂 They’re one of my dog’s favorite treats too. I cut them into small pieces when I’m teaching him new tricks–no mess & just the right size. Thanks for the great post!

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