Aniweb Roundup 9/26/10

We often get emails pointing us to awesome articles, videos, or other great things on the web. We hope you enjoy this edition of our “Aniweb Roundup”! Let’s get it started!

  • Fetch! Pet Care has a super fun contest going on right now called How Far Would You Go For Your Pet? Pet owners are encouraged to get creative and post videos, photos or short descriptions that illustrate how far they have – and will – go for their beloved pets. Posts much include pets and their owners. One winner will be selected based on online votes and will be announced October 22, 2010.
  • Here is a lovely post about the healing power of therapy pets. I think that we have all experienced the healing power of our own pets at times, but I love that animals are being used to help people in hospitals and other situations too!
  • Do you remember awhile back we posted about Pugumentary? The story of Thomas Sloane, a former NYC resident who died in 2005, leaving behind 22 pugs? Well, it is now available on DVD.
  • Tina has put together a great list of 50 Novels for Animal Lovers.
  • Here are 6 unsettling facts about pet food. We all have been aware of recalls, and other issues. Of course it’s always important to research your pet food choices to help keep your pets healthy!
  • Do cats grieve? You bet they do! “Even though many cat sites report that it’s normal for behavioral changes to occur in animals that lose companions—both two-legged and four-legged ones—it’s still hard to see them struggle.”
  • And while we all hate to think of the day when our pet will cross the rainbow bridge, there is a lovely alternative for burial. Take a look at the website. They are made in Canada, of eco-friendly materials.

And lastly, here is an interesting video about breed bias: ‘What is Your Dog Breed Bias? Is your childhood dog your favorite breed? Are you scared of pit bulls? Do you agree with the rest of America that the beagle is the best? Join our awesome team of dog bloggers in a conversation about your breed bias.’

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