Review: Flexi Leash

I have a really great product to share with you! We recently got a chance to try out the Flexi Mini All Belt leash. What makes this leash special is that it’s very comfortable for both you and your pet. The leash has a great handle, making it a lot more comfortable to use. The leash is also retractable, so your dog can easily run ahead of you, or near your side, without you having to do anything. Also, you can easily make the leash stay in one places by using the lock break. Below you will find a great video that explains how to use the leash.

Also, they have a lot of other leash options, including some with fun designs, and even some with “bling” on them! Ours was plain black, which looks great all the time. And I love how the entire leash is made from the webbing, or “belt” style. It felt super secure, and sturdy. To learn more about Flexi and see all of their products, be sure to visit the Flexi website.

Thank you Flexi for providing the product for this review.