Everyone who owns a pet thinks that their pet is the cutest! Even those who have “ugly” pets probably think that they have the cutest of the ugly pets too. Well, you can now put your cuteness to the test on!

There is a 24/7 Battlezone going on at this pet community and shopping site! Two adorable pet photos are put up side by side for voting on by the community, and even those who aren’t members can vote in the Battlezone! If you want, you can even enter your cute pet to win prizes by entering the Thunderdome! And it looks like there are some great prizes to be won too! This year’s big prize? A Nintendo Wii! Aren’t up for a big competition? How about just challenging any pet on the site to a cuteness duel with Pet Challenges?

I had a look around, and what I thought was great about the site is that it’s a place for any kind of pet to have their very own pet profile. You can make a profile for your dog, your bunny, your fish, or even your iguana if you want too! It’s not all cuteness competitions of course. You can also chat with other pets at the Dog Park, rate all kinds of pet products, and buy products recommended by the community. It’s truly a site for connecting with other people who are passionate about their pets.

Just have a look at how fun the pet profiles look:

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