Socks for Dogs!

If you have hardwood floors in your house, you know that it would be nice to give your dog a bit of traction! I know our dog Baby often slides out while running across the hardwood floor in our kitchen! Well, Power Paws by Woodrow Wear has come up with a great product for your dog that solve this, and other problems too!

Power Paws are socks made and anatomically designed for a dog’s foot. They provide traction, mobility, fashion, wound protection, and hardwood floor protection. Power Paws are designed for indoor use, and are perfect for helping your dog cope with slick hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors, as well as in RVs, boats, and other moving vehicles where traction can benefit the dog.

Power Paws are available in 8 sizes to assure a proper fit for all dogs from Chihuahuas to St. Bernards. There are 10 designs to choose from, including fun holiday patterns, and even a US Flag design! Power Paws are also eco-friendly and made of cotton and elastic for comfort. Our favorite part is that they do not require buckles, belts, or Velcro to stay in place. You can also wash the socks with your human socks in the laundry.

Baby has no trouble walking in her Power Paws, and they even keep her from picking at her feet (which she has been doing often due to her thyroid). They would be great protection over hot spots. The socks are super cute, with sticky bits on the bottom that provide the traction.

When you order them, be sure to order the right size. You might be very surprised at how small they look when they arrive, but they really do fit correctly. We found it easiest to put them on with two people, one to hold the foot and one to open and slide on the sock. They fit great though, and don’t slide off until you take them off. Baby doesn’t even try to get them off, so they must be comfortable too.

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  1. Greg L. says:

    The idea of my dog with socks is really funny, but I believe it is useful! But when our two dogs were puppies we use against all the big mess for the hardwood this hardwood floors protection. Now they are no more puppies and the floor is without any damage.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Aimee, do you know if something similar is available in Australia or if they ship to Australia ? This is a really great product as I see it with my business all the time how the dogs slip slide over the floor. Rugs are great but they don’t always work LOL !

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