Farm Sanctuary needs help.

Farm Sanctuary recently came to the aid of six male Holstein calves, several just days old, who had been abandoned without food or water and left for dead. With much love and care these calves are now thriving, however, they are in desperate need of potential adopters for these sweet boys.

Farm Sanctuary operates the country’s largest farm animal rescue and adoption network. Every year, they assist with urgent placement needs, particularly in cruelty cases involving large numbers of animals. When their shelters are full, they depend on compassionate people who want to make a direct difference for a suffering cow, pig, chicken or other farm animal.

Since 1986, nearly 3,000 needy farm animals have been given a new beginning — thanks to people all across the country who have room in their hearts and their homes to join the FARM ANIMAL ADOPTION NETWORK (FAAN).

Right now, due to an influx in cruelty cases, they desperately need to grow the FAAN program so they can continue to help farm animals in need. If you or someone you know is, equipped to provide a forever home for a farm animal in need, please consider doing so! Click here to learn more about joining the FAAN program.