Whales in danger.

We recently got an email about the dangers currently being faced by our whale population as a result of a recent proposal to legalize commercial whaling. As whale lovers, and people who hope to one day be able to see them in the wild, we wanted to share this information with you in case you would like to get involved.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), is a non-profit organization working to save animals in crisis worldwide, to help protect our oceans’ whale population. Thousands of whales die each year from commercial whaling, ship strikes, and habitat disruption

IFAW advocates for the protection of wildlife in their habitats, works to prevent cruelty to animals, and rescues individual animals. A new proposal to lift the ban on commercial whaling has raised much concern amongst members of The International Fund for Animal Welfare and animal rights activists around the world.

Whales are facing more threats today than ever before, largely from commercial whaling. But recently, a new plan has been released to legalize this practice. The plan can mean not only reversing the current ban on whale hunting by Norway, Iceland, and Japan for the next ten years, but will allow whaling in the internationally recognized whale sanctuary around Antarctica. The number of whales each country will have permission to hunt is yet to be determined, and may ignore estimated sustainable whaling limits. It is up to us to lead the effort in protecting these animals.

To learn about how you can get involved, please visit IFAW on Facebook or visit www.IFAW.org.

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