5 ways to help the animal rescue efforts in Chile and Haiti

1. Contribute to rescue efforts.
Most organizations aiding pets in devastated areas are not-for-profit. They depend upon charitable contributions to keep
going. These three groups are already operating mobile veterinary clinics and other services in Haiti, and planning to go to Chile when they’re allowed in:

IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare)
American Humane and ARCH (Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti)
WSPA (World Society for Protection of Animals)

2. Offer your time.
Not everyone can, or should, travel to disaster areas since there are necessary legal and safety restrictions. But when safe, able workers and members of rescue organizations are needed to work hands-on in countries in need. Veterinarians, technicians and others can volunteer to travel to Chile to help groups such as World Vets.

3. Donate Food.
Local shelters and rescue organizations take in animals displaced from earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, house fires, and other tragedies. We can help by donating bags of pet food, litter, or other supplies to these organizations, which may be filled to capacity in times of need.

4. Adopt a displaced pet.
If you’re looking for a pet, consider adopting a cat or dog displaced by the recent disasters. Petfinder.com lists animals for adoption. They also have a foundation to help pets in Haiti.

5. Spread the word…and pray.
Educating ourselves to the need, and how we can help, is part of the solution. We can also spread the word to our friends and co-workers in person, on our Facebook pages and other social networking sites. And when we still feel like there’s nothing we can do, we can always pray for God to be with these animals and the people sent to help them.

There is great human need after these natural disasters and it is right to help where we can. These hungry, hurt, and lost animals are in our hearts as well—pets we know are someone’s friends, companions and family members—who also need our help and prayers. {source}

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  1. Smodzy says:

    Just wondering – where it says 3.Donate food, how is one supposed to do that? Is there a website for that, or an email address? Not sure how to proceed, otherwise…

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