Nat Geo WILD!

Are you excited for the brand new channel from National Geographic? It’s called WILD and launches on Monday, March 29th, with some seriously cool new shows! I will be sharing sneak peeks all weekend. First up, a show called EXPEDITION WILD.

Talking Hot Dog Ranch, Livingston, Montana: Casey Anderson tosses Brutus the grizzly bears a fish at homemade “falls.” (Photo Credit: © Grizzly Creek Films)

The show will air on Mondays at 9PM EST, and the premier is on April 5th. The premiere episode of Expedition Wild is a multi-part look at North America’s mightiest carnivores, featuring naturalist Casey Anderson900-pound grizzly bear. Trek to Alaska’s Kodiak Island, where Casey gets knee-deep in grizzly life in order to teach Brutus the w and his best friend Brutus, a ays of his wild relatives. This population of more than 3,500 bears offers Casey a chance to witness how they catch wild salmon and feed their young. Casey then returns to Montana to see if he can teach a bear raised in captivity to fish for himself, in an aquarium designed for that purpose.

Future episodes of Expedition Wild will focus on the wild wolves of Yellowstone; a journey with Casey trekking through Yellowstone during two key seasons — winter and spring — documenting every living thing he encounters; and a one-hour special with the complete history of his relationship with Brutus.

As promised, a sneak peek video “Brutus Takes the Plunge” – If Brutus is ever going to learn how to fish like a bear, he’ll have to learn how to swim first!

Are you ready to get WILD?

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