Book: Shift Your Habit

We recently got a review copy of a great new book called Shift Your Habit: Easy Ways to Save Money, Simplify Your Life, and Save the Planet, which is going to be available on March 9th. We really enjoyed the book a lot! It’s jam packed with simple ways to reduce your impact on the planet, while also making an impact on your wallet! And the tips aren’t hard things either, everything is simple to do.

The author, Elizabeth Rogers, is also the co-author of the New York Times bestseller The Green Book. She presents the information in a great way. Everything is broken down into categories and shows how the “shift” can save you money, how it impacts the planet, and easy tips for making it work.

Here are a few great tips for future and current pet owners.

Early Adopter

The Shift: Instead of buying your new friend from a pet store or breeder, adopt one from a shelter.
Save $$: Up to $500 or more depending on animal and breed.
Save the Planet: Adopting a shelter pet not only saves a life, but it reduces demand for purebred animals, which are more likely to have medical problems due to genetic abnormalities.
Good for You: Adopting an orphaned animal keeps it from having to be euthanized. Most shelter animals are spayed or neutered, have been treated for worms, and have at least their first set of shots. If you’re not willing to go through the trials of house-training a young puppy or kitten, opting for an older shelter animal is an easy option.
Shift-It Tip: If you’re set on a purebred dog or cat, buy one from a rescue association instead of getting a pedigree from a breeder. Contact The Humane Society of the United States to locate a nearby rescue group.

Incredible Bulk

The Shift: Buy flea and tick medicine and any other pet medications online and in bulk instead of buying them one month at a time from your vet.
Save $$: Up to $125 per year or more.
Save the Planet: Buying a 12-month supply reduces packaging waste and also conserves the fuel you’d normally use to pick up your pet’s meds every month or two.
Good for You: Save time driving and sitting in waiting rooms at the vet office.

Toy Story

The Shift: You know how babies love to play with keys more than any other expensive toy made just for them? Pets are the same way. Instead of buying toys, you can delight dogs and cats with stuff you already own.
Save $$: Up to $200 or more per year on pet toys.
Save the Planet: Creating pet toys from items you’d otherwise throw away reduces manufacturing energy as well as waste, since you’ll be buying fewer toys overall and tossing fewer destroyed toys into the garbage.
Shift-It Tip: Here are a few ideas to entertain your pooch or feline: Knotted-up old towels, cut-up sheets, holey t-shirts, or other rags for tug-o-war; old—or orphaned—socks stuffed with catnip; cardboard boxes or paper towel rolls; old tennis or racquet balls; string; ponytail holders.

The book offers tips for every part of life. We really enjoyed it, and have found ourselves using it as a reference when we have needed to replace items. I like to look through it a lot because it offers ideas for how to use a lot of what is already in the house. Shift Your Habit: Easy Ways to Save Money, Simplify Your Life, and Save the Planet gets four paws up for offering simple changes that can make a difference. It can be preorded right now via Amazon, and should be hitting shelves in bookstores on March 9th.

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