Guest Post: Cancer in Cats

Cancer. The word strikes fear into the hearts of everyone. The mind always envisions the worst when you hear it, regardless of its type. Is it fatal? Always the first question you ask. There are so many types of cancer that it’s not unusual to hear the diagnosis even for your four-legged friend. Cancer really just means that something is going wrong, breaking down in the body. It is being attacked from within.

You would like to think that cats would get a pass on this particular disease, but that’s not the case. Cats are also vulnerable to a large variety of diseases including lung and skin cancer. It just doesn’t seem fair. The bottom line is, if you suspect your cat of having something wrong with her, go see your vet. As with most cancers, the sooner it gets diagnosed, the faster you can begin treatment and hopefully eliminate it.

Signs that your cat might be afflicted with cancer vary greatly since there are so many types. They include anything from unexpected weight loss to change in behavior. The Animal Cancer Foundation and The American Veterinary Association both have excellent information about what to look for. When in doubt, check it out.

Treatments for cancer vary almost as much as the types of cancers. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments are costly but effect solutions that work in similar ways to humans. Additionally, there are some cancer-fighting drugs available at varied costs.

One solution, and the treatment I am recommending, is ES Clear for Cat Cancer by NHV Natural Pet Products. It is an affordable holistic alternative to other costly treatments.

As described on the product site, “ES clear is a unique combination of specially-selected herbal extracts, designed and formulated by a leading naturopathic vet.”

ES Clear has been specifically designed to:
– Restore energy levels
– Aid in the healing process
– Reduce pain and discomfort
– Strengthen your cat’s immune system
– Help slow/reduce tumors and the spread of cancer to surrounding cells

Its effectiveness has been proven many times over and the testimonials pepper the site. But one of the important benefits of this cancer-fighting remedy is its cost. It is well within the price range of the average working person who might hesitate at higher priced alternative treatments.

Guest post from Denton Fowler.