26 Dogs saved by the ASPCA

The ASPCA continually does amazing work on behalf of our animal companions. On February 17th they rescued 26 Pit Bulls near Sandersville, Georgia. The dogs had been left to starve, no food, water or even shelter from freezing temperatures. They also had signs of neglect, broken bones, wounds and infections. Sadly, there were also 27 dead dogs found on the property. It is believed that the dogs were part of a dog fighting ring.

“It’s bad enough that these dogs were treated cruelly and raised in horrible conditions,” said Tim Rickey, the ASPCA Senior Director of Field Investigations and Response. “But to leave them like this to starve is incomprehensible and speaks exactly to the kinds of heinous crimes the ASPCA fights day in and day out.”

“They bear the battle scars consistent with those of fighting dogs,” Rickey said. “Being chained 24/7 is no way to live—they have lived miserable lives, and are just starved for human contact.”

Washington County (GA)

To read the full story, and for ways that you can help, please visit the ASPCA blog. If you see animal abuse, please report it. We have so much love and respect for the ASPCA agents who answer these calls and help animals every day.