Five Famous First Pets

Today is George Washington’s birthday! So in celebration, here is a fun list of Five Famous First Pets.

1. Socks the cat. (First Cat from 1993-2001): Socks was a black and white “tuxedo” American Shorthair cat belonging to Bill Clinton. He often visited schools and hospitals. Later, Socks was “voted out of office” because he didn’t get along with the White House dog, Buddy.

2. Millie the Springer Spaniel.  (First Dog from 1989-1993): George H.W. Bush’s adorable brown and white spaniel is credited as the only White House dog to write a book: Millie’s Book: As Dedicated to Barbara Bush. In 1989 Millie had six puppies, two of which also became White House dogs!

3. Macaroni the pony.  (First Pet, 1963): John F. Kennedy’s family owned many pets, including a horse, which was a present to 5 year-old Caroline Kennedy. Caroline often rode the horse around the White House lawn. Watch this video of Caroline riding Macaroni.

4. Fala the Scottish Terrier. (First Dog from 1940-1952): Franklin Delano Roosevelt was rarely seen without his expressive black Scottie dog with the scruffy whiskers and bushy eyebrows. Fala followed the President everywhere and even traveled with him to important events.

5. Polly the parrot. (First Pet, 1789-1791): In addition to horses and hound dogs, George Washington owned a parrot. Polly actually belonged to Martha Washington. It’s said the George Washington and the parrot didn’t get along!

Bonus Facts!
Dogs are the most popular presidential pet. John F. Kennedy and Calvin Coolidge owned the most pets. And the most unusual pets (alligator and silkworms) belonged to John Quincy Adams. {source}