Guest Post: Sizing a Dog Coat

Like humans, dogs also need special clothing during cold seasons because they too get uncomfortably cold during harsh weather. It’s a good thing that there are a wide variety of dog coats to choose from that come in different styles and features for all of your dog needs.

In order for you to get the right size and fit of dog coat, you need to measure your dog from the base of his tail up to the collar. Dog coats should be comfortable enough and allow some breathing room for your dog to move around and do his usual physical activities.

If you have a fat chested dog or one who is over weight, you may want to move up one size bigger and if you own one of the thinner breeds like Saluki, greyhound, or even a smaller, lighter framed Chihuahua, you may want to drop one size down. Keep in mind that whenever you decide to go up or down a size, dog coats will either be shorter or longer, and may interfere with your dog’s physical activities especially for male dogs so it is crucial to get the exact size- not too tight and not too loose either, to ensure that your pet feels comfortable.

Most shops that sell dog coats provide a guide of their size measurement from extra small to double extra large and some even put the breed of dogs to make it easy for you to choose the right dog coat for your four-legged friend. Choose lightweight, water resistant and easy-care dog coats that are ideal and practical for dogs and owners alike.

Thanks to Muddy Paws for this article.