About a year ago I posted information about the launch of a new stem cell therapy for dogs (Vet-Stem). This therapy uses adult stem cells to help injured dogs and dogs suffering from arthritis. I am happy to bring you an update about the company, as the treatment is very promising for our dog companions!

Since the launch Vet-Stem has treated more that 1800 dogs and more than 5,000 animals total. As a result, they have compiled a substantial amount of data about the effectiveness of the stem cell therapy. In Winter of 2008, Vet-Stem published a double blind placebo study in Veterinary Therapeutics which analyzed the effect of stem cells on dogs’ elbows. The study showed that 80 percent of dogs had a significant improvement in pain and range of motion after being treated with stem cell therapy.

Vet-stem also just recently announced a new study that shows that 60 percent of the dogs treated by Vet-Stem now use a decreased amount of pain medication or no medicine at all. This is good news both in terms of money savings, but also because of possible side effects from medication during a lifetime use.

Also, 75 percent of owners said that their dogs had an improved quality of life after receiving the stem cell therapy. This too is good news for pet owners whose only options previously were either an expensive and invasive surgery or euthanasia.

Vet-stem also recently announced that they will now be offering a cell culturing service. This service expands the supply of stem cells to last a lifetime. Some pets with severe pain or arthritis require more than one injection and now, Vet-Stem has the capability to store a pets stem cells. This way, should they need to receive another injection, the vet won’t have to go through the process of removing the fat once again. This will not only save the owners from this expense, but it is also better for the pet who doesn’t have to go through surgery again. For owners who opt for the culturing service, Vet-Stem takes stem cells from the original fat removal and grows a lifetime supply. Then, when the pet needs a follow-up injection, Vet-Stem is able to just send the stem cells to the vet.

If you ‘d like to learn more about Vet-Stem or find a certified vet in your area, you can visit

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  1. Dan Morgan says:

    I love reading about stem cells, but I am surprised so many people don’t know where to get stem cell therapy. Its worth investigating to read some articles from

    Thanks, Dan

  2. Trish says:

    Wow! I had no idea such technology existed for animals! I am so pleased to have been informed and will definitely be looking into vet-stem for my Chihuahua Mylo, who suffers from luxating patella. Perhaps this could help him if he seems to be in a greater amount of pain in the future. Thank you!

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