Lost Souls: Found!

Lost Souls: Found! is a great series of books about adopted/rescued dogs. Each book is breed specific, sharing stories of those who love the breed and have adopted dogs through rescue. Not only that, but a portion of the book profits are donate to a breed specific rescue group.

We got the chance to check out the Boston Terriers edition! Now, although we don’t have a Boston terrier, we enjoyed the stories about them. From rescued puppy mill dogs, to people who felt rescued by their dogs, the stories all have one thing in common; rescue dogs rule!

The company has several other breeds, but is still looking for rescue stories to include in upcoming book releases. If you have rescued a dog, be sure to find out how to submit your story. Your story could be featured in an upcoming book, and could help inspire others to adopt too!

It’s great to see a company working to change the perception that you can’t find pure breeds through rescue. By now hopefully people are beginning to realize that all kinds of dogs end up needing new homes. We also love that they donate to the great work being done by rescue groups.

Here is a bit about what inspired the books:

A rescue dog named Bill was the inspiration for Happy Tails Books. In 2008, two-year-old Bill was released from a puppy mill breeder and put out to auction after spending the first two years of his life sitting in a cage. When Mid-America Boston Terrier Rescue took him into their care he was in horrible shape. Overweight and terrified, he simply cowered in the back of his crate.

Bill Boston Terrier

He was adopted out, but then quickly returned due to his poor psychological state. The family wanted a dog to play ball with, but all Bill could do was shiver and shake. It may seem callous, but they knew they hadn’t the patience or desire to embark on the long road to rehab, and ultimately did the right thing by returning him to the rescue group.

As if things weren’t bad enough for Bill, tragedy struck again when he and another female Boston Terrier broke free from their foster home’s yard.  Continue reading at the Happy Tails Website…

The books would make a perfect gift for dog lovers, especially if they love a specific breed. They are perfect for a short read, with loads of great little stories that will touch your heart, make you laugh, and of course, make you want to adopt your own dog (hopefully)! They can be purchased through the Happy Tails Books website.

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