Petplan Pet Insurance goes for the record!

Petplan is the world’s largest pet insurance provider, and they are trying to set a a Guinness World Record through having people upload their pet photos to the Petrait pet gallery! The website does more than just let you upload your photos though, you can also share them with family friends and print your favorite pet pics on t-shirts, mugs, mousemats and much more.


By uploading pictures of your pets, you will join the Guinness World Record attempt to create the largest gallery of pets or ‘petraits’ ever! The magic number is 138,000 ‘petraits’ (at this writing they are at 16,459) to beat the current world record, but with your help we know we can get there.

Once they reach the magic number they will print all of the photos for display in a giant gallery! It’s the printed gallery that the Guinness World Record team will confirm that a new record has been set.

So what are you waiting for? Upload your whole furry family to the website and join us in our attempt to break the world record!

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