Good Idea: The Pet Loo

The Pet Loo is a ‘Back Yard in a Box’
Clean, Convenient & ‘Green’ Indoor / Outdoor Pet Toilet

Loo ~ noun – An Australian colloquial term for a receptacle for the body’s waste matter; a comfort station, john, lavatory, toilet, water closet, WC, Potty, latrine, restroom, throne, washroom.


New York, NY (March, 2009) – Apartment living with a pet is now easier and more convenient with The Pet Loo, a hygienic new portable toilet for dogs and cats. The Pet Loo is a lightweight box that fits on a balcony or anywhere inside an apartment, so that the animal can relieve itself when its owner can’t be there.

The Pet Loo was invented by Australian veterinary nurse and social worker Simone Skovron, to provide peace of mind to busy dog-loving professionals, for those in-between times when they find themselves unable to walk their dog. Skovron, whose background is in animal-assisted therapy for seniors, also saw a need to make dog ownership accessible for the elderly and those in cold climates.

The product, by Pup-Pee Solutions, is sold in 10 countries and is now available in New York City at

The Pet Loo’s patented design features:
• High-quality synthetic grass that attracts the pet and encourages it to use The Pet Loo
• Perforations in the synthetic grass that drain urine away from the surface and down angled
channels to the base of the box
• A specifically sourced material that is resistant to the acidity of urine and the accompanying
smell, to ensure a long-lasting and hygienic product
• A storage container at the base of the box that catches the urine. This container can be
removed for easy disposal of contents
• No assembly required

Does The Pet Loo cater to animals of varying sizes?
The Pet Loo comes in two sizes, the MINI-Wee for smaller breeds, which is 24.6 in.d x 24.6 in.w x 5.1 in.h. Price: $159. The original Pet Loo, designed for dogs of all sizes is 32.4 in. d x 32.4 in. w x 5.1 in. h. Its design
allows larger dogs to comfortably circle around the box’s interior before relieving themselves, as is a dog’s customary behavior. Price $189

How do I clean it?
Several times a week, remove the grass mat and wash it down with warm water (for example, under the shower), sponge The Pet Loo’s base with warm water and spray both the grass and base with a natural cleaning product, such as Pup-Pee Solution’s all-natural Wee Care. Allow grass and unit to dry.

What about “number twos”?
As you would in a normal backyard, simply scoop the poop off the unit and dispose of it in the toilet. For tips on how to train a pet to use The Pet Loo visit
The Pet Loo is available online at, via email at or from select pet stores across the US.

About Pup-Pee Solutions: Pup-Pee Solutions’ philosophy is that animal companionship should be accessible for all and that convenient, user-friendly products eliminate barriers to pet ownership. The company was founded by husband-and-wife team and dog lovers, Tobi and Simone Skovron. Simone is a former veterinary nurse and social worker. The company launched the award-winning Pet Loo in Australia in July 2006. The Pet Loo and The Pet Loo MINI-Wee are now available in 10 countries. Pup-Pee Solutions has broadened its range to
include a host of pet-related products including the Kitty Kat, No range and Swoop.

What they’re saying about The Pet Loo:
“Using the product will definitely reduce outdoor pollution of a certain sort … It will also save time for owners and reduce the stress of pet ownership for many.”– Fox News

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