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K9 Pet Chef Loreen Playford Offers Advice on Maintaining Pet’s Overall Health

Philadelphia, PA—April 2, 2009— According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately 35 percent of the total pet population is overweight or obese. Canine obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and gastrointestinal problems in our pets, all of which can lead to shorter life spans. Loreen Playford, maker of K9 Pet Chef All Natural Dog Food, offers some helpful hints on keeping man’s best friend in tip top shape and adding years to his life.

  • Green Beans:  If your dog has started putting on a little weight, adding green beans to his daily diet provides extra food bulk while helping him to lose a few pounds.
  • Flaxseed Oil:  Flaxseed oil is a wonderful way to keep your pet’s coat silky and shiny, as well as keeping his health on track.  Just as with humans, flaxseed oil is essential for preventing cardiovascular issues. Unlike humans, however, one should administer only the oil form, not the pill form, to your canine sweetheart.
  • A Sardine A Week:  Sardines provide dogs with large amounts of essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3. Giving your pet one sardine a week can boost his immune system, help keep him allergy-free, and like flaxseed oil, keeps his coat looking its best.
  • Move it Around:  Rather than feeding your dog a steady diet of beef or lamb or fish, switch the proteins every once in a while.  By giving him beef one month, lamb the next month and turkey the next, etc., you’ll keep him from becoming allergic to any one kind of protein.
  • Canned/ Dry Dog Food: Be wary of ingredients in dog foods such as propylene glycol (used in anti-freeze), potassium sorbate, and ammoniated glycyrrhizin. If it contains these, select another type that doesn’t include such chemicals.  K-9 Pet Chef foods contain all natural ingredients, such as peas, carrots, barley, beef – no chemicals.

“Keeping one’s dog fit and trim will help extend his life,” says Playford. “That’s why a nutritious diet is important.  Unlike many dog foods, our K-9 Pet Chef menus are free of chemicals, preservatives, sugars, added salts, artificial flavors and colors.  We also can prepare custom blends for dogs with weight issues or who have special dietary needs or food allergies.”

For more information about K-9 Pet Chef’s products or services, or to make a purchase, please visit www.k9petcheftlc.com.


  1. Ming says:

    Great post!! My dog loves green beans. I had to catch up on all the blogs!! I just started both my dogs on omega 3 too!

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