Paw Luxury Giveaway!

The awesome folks at Paw Luxury are offering one of their organic cotton doggie tanks to one lucky reader! The winner will get to choose the design and size! The tanks are made without chemicals or pesticides and are Fair-Trade (not to mention the fact that they are super cute too). They have a ton of great eco-friendly items for your pet, so be sure to check out their whole site when you visit.

Would you like a chance to win? Here is what you need to do!

  • Visit the Paw Luxury site by clicking here and check out the prize.
  • Leave a comment on this post before midnight on June 13th, 2008. In your comment tell me which of the designs you would want if you were the winner, as well as your favorite item on the site!
  • This contest is open to all countries.
  • The winner will be chosen by random number generator, and contacted by email.

*This contest is now closed.* Congrats to lucky #102 Jessica.*


  1. Jennifer H. says:

    I would pick the cupcake one if I won. It’s too cute! My favorite item on the site is the Bella Creature Comforts Bella Bed. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Tomie says:

    If I won I would like the Peanut in a size small for my little Sammy. My favorite part of your site are all your beautiful “models”!!!!

  3. Tomie says:

    If I won, I would love to put my little Sammy in the Peanut tee, size small. My favorite part of your website is all the beuatiful “models”!!!

  4. Nancy says:

    My dog would really love the bumper doggie bed . I can see him all cuddled up in it now. and that cupcake T, is adorable! too cute!

  5. Kathy S says:

    So cute! I love the Princessa Tank. The only problem is…which one of my “grandpuppies” (my son’s dogs…a Labradoodle and a Bichon, both divas!) would get the shirt. I guess that I’d just have to buy another if I won or I’ll just buy 2 if I don’t win!

  6. Sand says:

    My puppy would look adorable in the Kee-Ka 100% Organic Cotton Cupcake Dog Tank.

    My favorite item on the site is the Earth Dog Indi Decorative Adjustable Hemp Collar.

  7. Clenna says:

    I really could use the blanket for my car. I would choose the Princess tank in XL for my Golden.

  8. Jessica says:

    My Jack Russell terrier would look gorgeous in the sweetpea tea, she’d love it! Green is definitely her color. The sweet potato jerky treats also look interesting.

  9. Kasey Proctor says:

    I like the Monkey and the Princess shirts. They are both very fitting for my little black pug who can be a bit of a monkey at time and also act like a princess.

  10. Doreen says:

    Awww I definitely love the Princess tank!! It’s SO her!! LOL Love the Bella Creature Comforts Bella Bed Desert Rose Pinecone Brown Small! Wish we could afford it! 🙂

  11. Amanda says:

    I like the Peanut tank the best and would like to win this because my little dog is named Peanut and she would look so cute in it.

  12. Paula Harmon says:

    I finally got my chihuahua pup, after dog-sitting and wanting one forever! Her clothes (they do need clothes sometimes, they get chilly) are expensive as the kids! I like the Peanut tank in small. I want to get some of that in between bath spritzers too.

  13. Julia BRAND says:

    the peanut is cute but the monkey would be my choice. my blue chow puppy likes to climb trees after squirells.. he is big puppy- 50 lbs and dob= 7/4/07.

  14. tnchick says:

    Kee-Ka 100% Organic Cotton Sweetpea Dog Tank – wonder if it comes in pink? I like the West Paw Organic Bumper Dog Bed, too.

  15. Rose Roberts says:

    If I won I’d want the monkey tank – it’s adorable

    My most favorite thing on the website is the Bella Creature Comforts Bella Bed Pinecone Brown Canal Blue 2XL

  16. Jennifer Jozwiak says:

    I like the peanut dog. I don’t have a dog myself, but my friend has a pug and loves putting him in outfits, so I’d give it to her. I also really like the beds. i have a cat, and he’d love the extra size, lol.

  17. Jill Miller says:

    I would want the “SweetPea” design for my little baby, Rocky. It’s my favorite item on the site, too, because I’ve seen it in stores several times and have barely been able to pass it up (have been trying to save money lately — not fun!)

  18. Jean Trotter says:

    Luv the Cupcake Tank. My favorite item is the Bella Creature Comforts Binky Pinecone Brown Shifting Sand Blanket. My dogs have a spot on the sofa with such a plain blanket and that would be perfect!

  19. Twinks says:

    Wow nice site! Didn’t know you were here. I would love the sweet pea tank since that is my pom’s nick name.

  20. Rachel Fox says:

    I like the Kee-Ka 100% Organic Cotton Princessa Dog Tank, it’s perfect for my Fox Terrier/Rat Terrier, Kinky! Thanks!

  21. Monique says:

    I’d get teh “peanut” tank because our little chihuahua is such a peanut. I like the hemp decorative collars – they are really pretty.

  22. Mara marini says:

    So cute! Thank you for posting this contest! I’d love the cupcake one if I actually won! 🙂

  23. charline s says:

    If I win I would love the Kee-Ka 100% Organic Cotton Sweetpea Dog Tank in medium.

    Allthe stuff is really cute, love the tees

  24. Ashley R. says:

    Wow! They are all sooo cute. But my little Lola Pup is my SweetPea… so I guess I’d go SweetPea.

  25. Tina says:

    Both of my fur babies would look so cute in the Kee-Ka 100% Organic Cotton Monkey Dog Tank and that is my favorite item on the website.

  26. Ashley Hood says:

    I love the Kee-Ka Cotton Monkey Tank! It’s so cute and it would be perfect for my little Mini Doxie, Sully. It’s so hard to find shirts and sweaters with sleeves short enough to fit him. He’s crossing his paws and hoping he wins. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  27. Judy says:

    I like the paw salves! They look soothing. The t-shirts are absolutely adorable! My sweet Muffy would be so cute !

  28. gail waller says:

    I would love to win the princess cotton tee for my sister-in-laws little dog. I would love to have had one for my dog, but she’s a st bernard and the tee won’t fit her, though she is a princess!

  29. Ilissa H. says:

    If I won, I’d love the Monkey dog tank. How cute?! My favorite item on the site is the Earth Dog Owney Decorative Hemp Leash. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Linda Ellis says:

    OK, I asked the pups and we all like the shirts the best. My yorkie boy would like the peanut shirt if we win, my yorkie mix girl says she likes the cupcake shirt (but it’s the boy’s turn to get something). Fun contest, thanks!

  31. Sara says:

    The cupcake shirt would be so cute on my Pomeranian! The shirts are so cute, they are my fav item on the site.

  32. Meredith Peters says:

    My miniature Chihuahua would look cute n the pink and white cupcake tank,especially because her name is Muffin!

  33. Carissa D. says:

    Definitely the princessa tank. I like the Earth Dog Hemp Rope Toys Large since our dogs like to play tug of war.

  34. Tiffanie W. says:

    The ‘sweet pea’ tank would be great. Believe it or not, my cat actually wears them, but it’s so hard to find cat clothes. I have to stick with sleeveless doggie outfits in order for them to fit. These tanks would be perfect for her.

  35. Estelle Steenbergen says:

    The princess tank would fit my Lily to a T, because she is my little princess!

  36. Catherine copeland says:

    my cocker is cupcake sweet so I’d have to say that the cupcake dog tank is the best hands down

  37. Shawna says:

    The cupcake dog tank is adorable!!!
    I already call my dog, 2 year old flat coated retriever named Starla, my cupcake so this tank would be just perfect for her!

  38. Cindi Paulson says:

    I love the tanks. They are absolutely adorable! I would love to win the Princessa Tank for little Paris. She would be ever so appreciative.

  39. Jenny says:

    All the tanks are so cute, but I would love to have the Sweet Pea dog tank in size Large. Thanks!

  40. cmaxwell says:

    I’d like to win the Kee-Ka 100% Organic Cotton Princessa Dog Tank for my Ruger.

    My favorite thing (although I’ve not tried it but I think I might order some) would be the Zukes Hip Action Treats as Kitty (yes, I have a dog named Kitty) is beginning to have some problems with her hips & legs, and it might make her feel better. She broke her leg when she was 9 weeks old. Her bones grew so fast, they were unable to remove the pin, and I know that contributes to her pain.

  41. Theresa Shafer says:

    Princess tee, please.
    I really like
    Bella Creature Comforts Bella Bed Pinecone Brown Canal Blue Large

  42. Jen says:

    Oh, what a choice! The princess tank for Streaka? The sweetpea tank for Tighe? No, I think the smart choice would be the Monkey Dog Tank for Rogie ( Why? Well, because he is a cheeky little monkey of course!

    Our favourite things on the site? It was a toss up between one of the beds and the spa products. Ultimately, beauty won out … the Happytails Sparkle and Shine Shimmering Mist is definitely the pack favourite. Who doesn’t need a little bling in their life?

  43. rachel says:

    Oh, Pippi would look so cute in a tank! Most dog clothes have sleeves that are too long for her tiny doxie legs. The cupcake one is the clear choice!

  44. Marlene says:

    I love the shirts, especially the Organic Cotton Princessa Dog Tank.

    My favorite thing on the site is the hemp leashes and matching collars.

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